Anyone managed to read a Pantech weather station?

Hi all,
Has anyone managed to recieve any data from there Pantech weather station? PT-WH2900 model WH65
Both my transmitter and reciever say 433mhz and it seems to keep live updates as i can watxh the wind move around but i can not seem to find anyting?
Transmitter must work because i can lock and unlock my car and use my roller door.

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I don’t have experience with this company. So far I have only got Accurite to read. For me Flipper doesn’t work much beyond 50 feet. In my experience most of weather stations update about once per minute.


Hi thanks for your reply, Its a cheaper ebay one, it’s done quite well amd held up for years. I have it on a pole so I got a ladder and climbed up to it and and used frequency analyzer noting promising appeared.
I think this station updates more often as i can see the chnages jn wind direction and speed, also the rain when its raning.

Acurite and Oregon i have seen more often, the local weed growers all seem to have HIDEKI cause it also has option for moisture and not just temp as many acurites seem to be only temp. This brand i have not seen before. And ambient weather i just got so those work fine.


I will have to hunt for some to try read. A shame i cant seem to even detect my own.

You are probably correct. Most sensors only transmit about once per minute but often if there is a significant change they will transmit more frequently. For instance if the wind continuously blows at around 22.6mph and then it drops to 22.5 you might not get a report till the scheduled report in time. If however you get a gust and it jumps to 30mph it might report that immediately. Your devices being a multisensor device may report more frequently. I can’t actually find a version of your weather station that runs on 433. All the ones I see say WiFi.

I have come to the conclusion the Panitech and Ecowhitt are probably the same company or Panitech is selling rebranded Ecowhitt devices. I love Ecowitt devices by the way. They are very reliable in my opinion.

Accurite are pretty unreliable in my opinion. They tend to lose the connection then they don’t necessarily pair to the the same device they were paired to previously. If you use an SDR to read them it gets real sketchy because they seem to randomly change identities. You could imagine how frustrating that would be when using a bunch like you would on a farm.

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Yeah i got a cheap one myself, and when the battery goes down, or it is in the sun for more then 15 minutes it starts to spit out trash , and sometimes it looks like data but sometimes it just tends to spit out noise for no good reason if it is to hot or damp, not sure what’s up with those cheap sensors but i guess i was just cheap and you get what you pay for?

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Ah yeah makes sense about the transmitting, it does seem like it works like that as smaller changes seem to updates less frequently.

So the thing is the weather station and the display both say 433, so does the manual but the display also has wifi. From my understanding the station and display box comunicate with 433 but the display box then uses the wifi to send the data to ecott weather and weather underground so I can view it remotely and record the data.

I think you may be on to something with the ecowitt, however i think ecowitt offer higher end ones aswell.

@Sir_Fap_A_Lot well so far i have been happy with mine for a cheapy, i was worried it wouldnt be so good but no problems so far.

Ecowitt has a device just like that. I’ve got different setup with a little box and no display that does the same thing.

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