App is not requesting Bluetooth access on iOS 16.4.1 (iPhone 13)

I just received my Flipper Zero today. When I installed the Flipper Zero app it never requested access to my Bluetooth, and it doesn’t show up under Setting > Privacy & Security > Bluetooth as an app that has ever requested Bluetooth permission.

I tried resetting my location and privacy settings in iOS and have uninstalled/reinstalled the app several times. What can I do to trigger the Flipper Zero app to request Bluetooth permission from iOS? I cannot grant in manually in the iOS settings as far as I can tell.

I updated the Flipper firmware to the latest using qFlipper and my phone is up-to-date. I have many other apps on the same device which request access to Bluetooth and seem to work fine.


I am assuming it looks similar to the Android version(I may be mistaken). Make sure the phones Bluetooth is on then try looking for a button that says “connect” and/or a tab that says “disconnected” and try pressing them.

Your assumption is incorrect. Or rather, clicking “Connect” and/or clicking the Settings link it provides just opens the iOS setting screen. No prompt is displayed requesting Bluetooth access.

It works fine on an older Android phone I had laying around. And installed the app on. On Android when I open the app I got a prompt from Android that allowed me to give it Bluetooth permission. I just am not getting a similar permission request from the iOS app on my iPhone that I want to use.

Anyone with iOS have a suggestion? As previously stated I went as far as resetting my iOS location and privacy date for all apps on my phone just to try to get it working. Since doing so… all my other Bluetooth apps re-requested Bluetooth permission and are working fine. Flipper Mobile still will not.


This is a very strange issue. I’m on these boards constantly and never heard of this issue. Good luck. I haven’t owned an Apple devices in years so I’m at a loss. If you figure it out please let us know. I’ll be watching this thread.

Hey all, I just wanted to let ya know I figured out my issue today. An iOS feature called “Screen Time” was preventing apps from requesting permissions. I disabled that feature and now everything is working.

Hopefully next time I post something it will be more useful for the community.

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That may be useful and not just for the Flipper. I’ll remember this when troubleshooting other peoples IOS devices.

Glad you got it working and thanks for sharing!

Hey Brotha! I just had the same issue with a different app, and found your post. I turned off screen time. Boom. I’m in like the football captain on prom night. Cheers mate​:sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Hey mate, I just had the same issue with a different app, and turned off screen time… Sorted. This one’s worth remembering…

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