Apple TV Remote Gen 4?

I’ve looked for any IR files that emulate the Gen 4, but I can only find ones that are Gen 3 and backwards. Can anyone send a link to a download for a Gen 4 remote?

Gen 4 remote pictured below


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Have you tried capturing the signals yourself?

EDIT: That looks like a Bluetooth remote. That doesn’t absolutely mean your device doesn’t support IR but that means it might not. My TV supports both but that isn’t always the case.

I’ve read in the settings that you can connect IR as well, but you’re probably right. The transciever on the end is really thin, so I’m not sure if it’s IR or not.
The problem with capturing them is that my remote doesn’t work, so I can’t scan or even test if it’s IR.

EDIT: Could be Sub-Ghz.

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When you see a microphone button on a remote it’s a strong indicator of BT although some remotes like the Amazon Fire with voice support IR and BT.

Here’s an idea. Try the universal remote app on it. You might get lucky.

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You’re probably right, but universal means it disrupts other TVs. I just want to replace my remote without buying another one. Thanks anyway.

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It can during the process but you can use it to figure out the codes if any work. I stuck a piece of tape over my other nearby devices during the process of discovering codes.

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I didn’t know this! Thanks!

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