Apple V BadUSB

will you ever be able to use an apple Iphone with bad usb?
I got a lightning to usb-c a few days ago for a IPhone 14 Pro and it seems to not be working. It doesn’t pick up that it’s connected

To test, you could connect an USB keyboard to your iPhone and type/input anything? If not, the issue is not the Flipper.

Even it it works, the lock screen has a different setting. You can activate it somewhere in ‘Settings - FaceID&Codes - accesories’ or simar.

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no luck, my keyboard didn’t power on. but when i plug the usb-c into the computer it returns to “use as a storage device”. so it’s not an issue with the wire. I guess it just doesn’t support it im guessing

The iPhone seems to not speak USB HID. And if the iPhone does not speak this language, the Flipper can’t force it to do so.

Maybe someone with an iPhone knows more how to enable this protocol on the phone.


let’s hope they respond

There was talk of this on the flipper zero discord. It should be doable