Arduino IDE support

Hello everyone!
Can you please tell me approximately when support for Arduino IDE is expected?


No estimates yet

Anything changed here? That was one of the main reasons for buying the FZ? For me that would be the killer feature…



Still nothing, we’re busy with external plugins at the moment

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Anything changed?


External plugins are implemented. is there any timing information?


@Astra Is there any new information?

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Hello, just bumping this thread because I’m keenly interested in simple Arduino type development. I’m dismayed that the “software development” section of the docs is not built out yet. I do understand that a lot of your time is being spent on logistics, but I see the kickstarter had convincing mockups of Arduino support. A grep of the source cod finds nothing about Arduino, nor the header file shown in the picture. I don’t expect the FZ to be an “Arduino compatible” device, but rather an “easier” IDE for writing simple programs to manipulate the GPIO. The basic Arduino API is pretty spartan.


Another bump here. I’d love to start playing around coding for the fz in Arduino, I’ve got a couple small ideas. Any news?



hello,anyone know if the flipper zero has compatibility with the arduino IDE

Hej flipper family. Jeg har købt 433mhz receiver decoder og transmitter to arduido board. But i saw a pic with a man just put both modules in the flipper and use it. Is it movies tricks or is it possible

Det er det gå på YouTube der et super program med netop arduido og flipper sammen

Almost another year on from the original question 2 years ago, how’s this advertised feature looking on the roadmap? Rough timeframe for implementation is fine.