Are key fobs and smart cars stored on Flipper protected in any way?


Is there any protection applied to keys and cards stored on Flipper? If I leave my Flipper unattended, could someone just copy everything from SD card directly or from Flipper via USB, and thus get all my keys at once?

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The keys is in text files for known protocols and binary files for raw data.

There’s no encryption for saved keyfobs on the Flipper Zero. The reasoning is in this Reddit comment by astrrra, a dev from Flipper Zero themselves, so that means anyone with physical access to your flipper can take your SD card/use qFlipper to take your saved files.

Absolutely correct. No protection. In fact I just remove the SD card and copy the files on my PC when I want to back them up. Then I can copy them to a new SD card and put them in any Flipper with the same Firmware version and the codes will work.