Are these 125k? do you know the fob name of these ?(with photos)

many 125k can read, but this green one can not read even I try all options in Flipper
the second fob function is combined with the garage door remote, garage door remote was able to copy, but the fob can not read, any professional guy can help to answer?


What type of code it is when working on Sub-GHz?
Can it be this one?

Nothing can detect in sub ghz mode, just flashing the light, nothing can be display

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It’s probably not 125Khz unless you have a specific reason to think it is. Buttons on RF remotes usually means they transmit somewhere between 315MHz - 2.4GHz although in older devices I have seen transmit around the 40MHz range. Those are usually older remotes for toy cars and similar devices. I won’t say 125Khz impossible but it’s less likely when you see buttons. Some devices do 125Khz and another frequency. 125Khz would not be activated by the button though. When reading at 125Khz try doing it without hitting the buttons.

See if you can find a number on that 8 pin chip. It might be useful. That silver piece might have a frequency on it but that would not tell us the transmit frequency. That’s just the oscillator and possibly a crystal.

EDIT: Sorry I had to reword this for clarity.

Try to read it with your phone, if it is a HF tag you should be able to read it, if not it is a LF tag. There are also other frequencies and tags used for inventory etc but those keyfob thingies usually are LF , since last decade the mifare/desfire/hf tags are starting to get around a bit more, but most home security systems are still stuck on LF tags.

for the remote:
I cannot read the text on the chip but since it only has 8 paws , it does not seem to be a very intelligent rolling code encoder. the round metal thingy containing the crystal for frequency should have the frequency stamped onto it.