AWID KT Proximity RFID - No Read

No luck trying to read the AWID KT Proximity RFID Fob.

I fired up the Flipper Zero’s 125 kHz RFID to Read, the LED blinks red for several pulses, then blue for several pulses, and then back to red, and so on endlessly. :frowning_face:

I’m assuming that none of the AWID RFID cards will read at this point.

It looks like the Flipper doesn’t yet support their proprietary protocol

Btw, if you have a proxmark3, can you read the key with it and include the results? You’ll probably need the lf search command


Unfortunately I don’t have a proxmark3. If I did I would send in the info. :wink:

Ok, currently the devs are busy with the “RFID Read RAW” functionality, but when it’s done, you’ll be able to send us the tag’s signal to decode and add :slight_smile:


Any updates to the development of the RFID Read RAW? I have a ton of projects needing this capability. TIA!

Hi @Astra , just wondering if there is an update for the AWID card or 125 Khz read raw functionality?


No, still working on it.

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Not sure if you still are searching for AWID support, but I believe they just added it within the Flipper’s latest update!

Any update on this? I’m on 0.98 firmware and not able to read my AWID tag

I would also be interested in this. I can provide assistance/samples.

Enable debug mode on settings then use read raw option. You can submit the captured files and/or you can try to emulate raw and see if it works with your reader…