BackPress command in a Payload for Android

In Android env, I want to go to the previous screen. I tried ESCAPE and BACKSPACE but was not successful.

Other commands such as DOWNARROW and ENTER work correctly.

The screen is in About device (in the Settings) and I want to go one screen back.

A quick Google research shows me, that is a not well documented feature.
I am hoping you have an Android 14 device, there are some extensions. But I can’t figure out what is new and what button was available before. See:

‘go back’ is often referenced as ESC … But I know this don’t work (at least always). See 45 Android Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)

My media keyboard uses “BrowserBack” as the key but I don’t think Flipper can emulate that. The escape key works on my Android devices. Alt plus the left arrow works on Windows but doesn’t seem to work in the Android menu for me. I’m not on Android 14 so perhaps so something that works for me might not work for you and vise versa.

I don’t know if this could help but “BrowserBack” is identified as key “158” in Linux. 260 and 263 might also work per documentation if we can figure out how to send them.

It’s an Android 9. I’m gonna try GUI + LEFTARROW

will let you know if it worked, thanks!

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