BAD USB on an ipad

sorry if this question has been answered or is somewhere in the forums I could not find it.

I am new to flipper zero and badusb, I am trying to make something for an iPad to auto fill out a form. however it needs to have a name and I want it to be from a list or randomly generated. I have gotten it working in a primitive state. However I am just entering names and repeating block of tabs and space bars. So I was looking at making a payload however I see a buch of info about ducky 1.0 and 3.0 so my first question is, does the flipper zero work with ducky 3.0 if I make a payload using payload studios. Also the flipper zero seams to use .txt and a very basic tab, string, move way line by line. Where do I put the .bin to run a payload?

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The BadUSB is just a Keyboard. Maybe a very fast one.
How would you pick any string from a list to put in with a keyboard?
Even Makros in gaming keyboards are stored in the computer or are able to replay just one sequence.

With DuckySkript you maybe write an if, based on the time. But I can’t see how a list will be helpful.
This does not depend on the version. As far as I know the Flipper use Version 3, but not fully implemented, right now.

Maybe you can enlighten us a little more.


The BadUSB doesn’t support a random function or a list function that I am aware of. You would have to write and compile your own version of bad USB with those functions. That’s possible if you can program C.

This is what the Flipper does support.