BadUSB pull photos from computer

Is there a way to use BadUSB to pull old photos off an old laptop that is running WindowsXP. I don’t know the password to it anymore, which obviously could be an issue, but would like to be able to get the photos saved in the default folder. It feels like a long shot, but thought I would ask.

Trying to use a Flipper to do this is sort of like using a stapler to drive a nail. It’s possible but you’re creating extra work. There may not be any disk encryption. It’s possible you can simply use a USB adapter and plug the drive into another computer to get the photos off. I’ve done that plenty of times to get old data off drives.

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Ahh, yeah that totally makes sense. Still learning all the ins and outs, and didnt even think of something as simple as that lol. Much appreciated!

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Maybe in addition it is worth mention that BadUSB is not a magic hacking interface, in fact it is a simple fast keyboard.
Before you are thinking about Could BadUSB do this or that, ask yourself instead Could I do it with a keyboard in $amount_of_time?.
If the Answer is yes, BadUSB can be used to reduce $amount_of_time.


There is at least one thing that no sane person would consider doable with keyboard, yet BadUSB makes it possible - file transfer with USB Mass Storage disabled. Flipper has recently gained an app for that purpose.

Unless there has been an update you would have to write a BadUSB script that waited for you to manually switch the Flipper out of BadUSB and into USB storage mode so even that isn’t straight forward. I would love to see an app or script that automated the process.

That is definitely a fair question to ask first. And again, I’m still a bit new at this, but trying to learn all the ins and outs of what actually can be done, I’ve learned the CLI is much more powerful than I guess I anticipated. And, I think some of the stuff I read about BadUSB made it seem a bit different than it actually is. So, in my head, I was hoping if you had the file path, it could open and copy the contents of a folder, while bypassing the login if I was lucky (but felt like quite a longshot).

That isn’t really feeling like something you’re actually doing with BadUSB though.

Application is called “HID File Transfer”. Excerpt from README:

### Receive Data on the target system
1. Launch `HIDFullClient receive` on the target system.
1. Start the HIDTransfer application on the Flipper and select `Send file`.
1. Select a file from the SD-Card.

### Send Data from the target system
1. Start the HIDTransfer application on the Flipper and select `Receive file`.
1. Launch `HIDFullClient send -path [file path]` on the target system. The file is stored on the Flipper SD Card inside the `HIDTransfer` folder.
1. The stored file is in a `raw` format that must be post processed. This can also be done by using `HIDFullClient decompress [.raw file]`.

So yes, modes are switched.
BTW, Rubber Ducky can do without, by abusing Lock keys.


Did rubber Ducky get keyboard reflection too? I’d really like to get that on the Flipper. For those that don’t know keyboard reflection can allow keyboard logging from any USB port without being between the keyboard and the computer. It works similarly by abusing Caps lock IIRC.

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I believe this is the program: GitHub - Kavakuo/HID-File-Transfer: Flipper Zero application to transfer files using HID.

I think RD is the only one who’ve got. Do you have some other information?

I thought it started with the OMG cable.

Here is a little explainer of the technique for anyone else. It would be pretty cool if Flipper could do it.