Barcode Game

Now I might be asking too much, but I missed having my barcode battler or a barcode type tamagotchi game. As I don’t have the skills myself to code, I wonder if it (a) could be implemented on to a flipper using infrared or an add on GPIO device (b) how much aggravation I would be to code.

Just a passing thought but would love to play and think there would be a following for it.

You would need something like a camera add on board to even begin recreating that game. I see no way to reproduce the game faithfully unless you had the source code for reference. It could be sort of interesting if you used the Flippers default hardware and forgot about barcodes. In my opinion it would make more sense to create a new game using SubGHz, IR, RFID, and NFC. Flipper sort of already does this though. The more you use your Flipper the more point you accumulate and the higher your level. You also get new art as you progress through levels.

Adding this link for other peoples reference.

EDIT: I have to add this link.