Barcode Scanner/Emulator

Basically, a module that would connect and would add a barcode scanner that you could emulate codes on the screen with.

u mean this son. (2.8 KB)


Preload Failed
API Version Mismatch

@SavvaGor1207 - Typically that just means that it is not complied to work on the firmware version you are running.

@JakecraftChannel - I second your request. Right now I can find app to emulate UPC-A, EAN-8, EAN-13. I want to emulate other types so I could say use it for inputting data via barcode reader for certain systems. Also would be nice if this app could support opening files that contain the data for the barcode.

Yea, that’s what I was thinking. It would be cool to have a module or something to read any barcode and emulate it on its display.

Well, I am not sure that reading barcodes would be possible without something connected on the GPIO pins. Perhaps they could add the ability to connect Bluetooth devices to the Flipper Zero; I know there are some Bluetooth barcode scanners that emulate keyboards a essentially type in the barcode.