Battery issues


I hope you are all having a wonderful year so far.

Life has been busy so I haven’t gotten to play with my Flipper Zero in quite a few months, October/November time. After getting it out yesterday, I tossed the charger in and let it sit overnight to charge up.

Now I am noticing issues with the battery. It doesn’t hold a charge, and I get pop ups about the battery health. So it would seem I potentially need to replace the battery. How viable is this as I haven’t gotten to use this device very much at all and I am more than a little disappointed that I can’t work on a few new projects.

Any help you can offer I would be extremely appreciative for. Thank you l!

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This teardown should give you a decent idea. Lot’s of people are taking them apart but it really depends on your comfort level.

Thank you so much, that is very helpful. I haven’t been able to find where to purchase a replacement yet, so are there any recommendations for where to buy one? Trusted sources?

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The battery is 2100mAh(I guess they rounded on the docs) 7.4mm x 35mm x 63mm.

The cell should include a protection circuit and a temperature sensor(thermistor). The Flipper has 3 wires. Ideally you want to replace it with another 3 wire battery. The third wire is for thermistor. If nothing else is available a thermistor can be bypassed with a resistor but I wouldn’t recommend that unless there isn’t another option. I think the hard part is going to be finding a cell that fits so worrying about quality may not apply. Digykey is a reputable dealer if they have the correct part in stock and they have 24x7 worldwide support.

Power System Characteristics

Parameter Value
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Operating voltage 3.6-4.1v
Working time 5-9 days
Full charge time 2 hours
Charge voltage and current 5V, 1A
Power connector USB Type-C
Maximum cable power supply current, including connected devices 3A

Just unplugging the battery and plugging it back in should solve your issue


Perhaps the hard reset might also work then without taking the Flipper apart.

@jmr You have been amazingly helpful, thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your help! Sadly the Hard Reset did not help this situation. An easy fix would have been wonderful!

@Astra I will try that before ordering a new battery then, I am thankful for your assistance!

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@Astra Battery disconnection and reconnection did the trick, you are amazing. I appreciate you so much!

Thank you everyone for helping, this seemed to be the trick. 6 screws and battery reconnection were all this took to fix. To anyone who may run into this issue in the future, super easy to fix.