Beninca TO.GO 2VA remote

I have two Beninca TO.GO 2VA remotes.

The first one is used for my parking gate.
The second is used for my garage entrance door, and for my garage door.

I can use the read raw function to read the signal from my remote while I’m away from the receiver, and then send it back to the receiver using my Flipper Zero. I can use the flipper to open my parking gate indefinitely. But when I use the remote again, I can no longer use my Flipper to open the gate.

It uses some kind of “ARC rolling code 128bit” encoding as per the official docs.
Official documentation:

  1. Remote name: BENINCA TO.GO 2VA
  2. Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  3. Photos are attached, but I don’t see the FCC ID (there is a QR code that, when scanned, shows this: AB03429529)
  4. Photos are attached
  5. Sub files are attached (all 10 of them)
  6. My remotes have a “remote learning mode”, but I am unsure if I captured it correctly. That’s the 11th sub file attached.
  7. Unfortunately, I don’t own any SDR, I only have my Flipper

Image upload and sub file upload did not work for me. It throws this error:

Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - /opt/bitnami/discourse/public/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d570ffb6243a927eacc948f3699dc78db7630c3e.jpeg


Attaching the images using my github:

10 sub files (using my github):

11th sub file for master code send (not sure if captured correctly though - also on my github):

How can I read this signal on Flipper, and how can I assign Flipper as a new remote? I tried clicking on the programming button on the receiver, but the transmitter (flipper) and receiver don’t “understand” each other I’d say. I think my receiver model is CPJ3.

I hope I have provided all the information. If you need more - just ask.
And sorry for all the external links… I could not add more than 4 links.
Thanks in advance!

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Have you tested the “Add manually” function? It’s possible one of the profiles are compatible. The pdf you linked suggests the devices may support multiple protocols.

Be careful using a copied code. Since we know it uses a rolling code you may lock your remote out. I know you said the code can be “used indefinitely” but you might find out the hard way there is an actual limit.

If no “add manually” profile works then maybe someone can look into creating a profile for it.

Hi @jmr ! Thanks for the reply.

This remote supports the following two protocols:

  • Rolling code 128bit ARC
  • Rolling code 64bit HCS

There are two Beninca remotes in the “Add manually” feature. One is 868 MHz, and another is 433 MHz.
I tried the 433 one.

It says “KeyLoq 64bit” in the top left corner.
Now, I only assume that my Beninca remote is 128 bit, because I tried two things:

  1. I tried to bind the Flipper using Add Manually using 433 MHz Beninca remote to my garage door receiver. The procedure is simple - press the programming button on the receiver, and press the button on the remote. This did not work. It’s like the receiver and the transmitter (Flipper) don’t understand each other.
  2. I tried the “Remote learning” feature. Basically, one remote learns from another. This also did not work, because on the new remote (the lerner remote) I need to press a “hidden button” which is basically pressing two Benninca buttons together. I cannot press two buttons on my Flipper…

So I’m a bit stuck here.

Cheers :beers:

If I had a good thought on it I would share.

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@jmr thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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