BenQ RM5502k Remote file

Does anyone have a file for the BenQ RM5502k Remote buttons or could get some anyway?

It would be more easy to search for a remote, than for the device. A remote can be fit to different devices.

Here are some csv, that need to be converted before use with flipper: irdb/codes/BenQ at master · probonopd/irdb · GitHub
Here are some BenQ IR files: Flipper-IRDB/Projectors/BenQ at main · Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub
You could even try the universal ones: Flipper-IRDB/Universal_TV_Remotes at main · Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub

If you have no original remote, you even can try to program an universal remote to BenQ and dump the codes. The code should be something like 0x30 … But this differs from vendor to vendor. A newer Amazon Alexa Remote with IR buttons could be a start.
When nobody here has your device, we don’t know which code is working. So it would be more work to create each possible .ir file …

Or try completely manual: GitHub - RandomDebugError/irdb: One of the largest crowd-sourced, manufacturer-independent databases of infrared remote control codes on the web, and aspiring to become the most comprehensive and most accurate one

We’ve converted a number of IR dumps into usable files if you want to take a peek:

IR Conversions