Best beginner laptop for flipper

Hey, I haven’t been on computers and programming since 2007. The sean Ryan show made me get a flipper. I need a decent laptop to get good use of it and I have no clue what would be a good budget laptop for doing basic stuff with this thing. Any info helps thanks.

Flipper is pretty autonomous.
The only reasons to have a laptop I can think of are CLI and Mifare attacks. For them, almost anything works. Hardware requirements are tiny.
Win7 needs nontrivial extra software, Win8+ and most of the Linuxes work out of box.


Only type of anything I currently have is a chrome book which obviously won’t work. I wanted a new laptop anyways, any suggestions around I dono, 500? That should be enough for a decent laptop correct?

I’d try.

Im gonna try the badusb demos on it. It was a 100$ chrome book I got like 6 years ago. I wanted a proper laptop anyways, was just looking for suggestions from y’all.

A Chromebook is the only laptop I would have advised you not to get but it can be used with a Flipper. It’s harder to get qFlipper working but you should have no problem using the Chrome interface for Flipper or using the command line interface(ClI).

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I bought it friggin years ago dude lol. I’ve only used my phone for all day to say stuff.

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That’s the way things are moving. Many people no longer own a home computer or don’t use them anymore. Have a look at some off lease Thinkpads if you want a basic laptop. They tend to be a good deal.

Ok cool I will, thanks. Yea PCs are mainly for gaming now I see. Or serious hacking. Even then, you don’t really need a computer.

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I concur with @jmr I use the Android app to update OEM firmware and + direct USB connection to my Chromebook to update custom firmware.

I could use my phone too correct? I ordered a laptop last night anyways. I needed one for other projects.


Depending on the Chromebook, you can hack it to give it a different operation system. It’s a lot easier to do if you have access to another pc for some of the steps. The process is fairly simple though. Supported Devices - MrChromebox Wiki

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Sure, you can use the Android app or IOS app. The Flipper can also do BadUSB stuff on your mobile phone via USB. BadUSB can pretty much work on anything that accepts a USB keyboard. I have used the Flipper with a FireTV and FireTV stick.

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That’s awesome. Btw, you have to be 21 or older to buy these? I bought it on Walmarts app and USPS wouldn’t leave it would a signature from someone 21 and up. Never saw that info anywhere now I gotta go pick this thing up from the post office 20 miles away.

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You sure you want a laptop? If it is just for interacting with a flipper you could do with a 10yo brick, but if you wanna go in deep and play around with other SDR options, record a lot , analyze ad generate a lot of stuff in subghz for example, i would advise to look into getting a used or built a desktop with best cpu/price spec, about 16-32gb’s of memory and a lot of patience to learn about a lot of wireless protocols, plot trough gnuradio, order a cheap realtek sdr reciever and upgrade later if you have specific purposes for other TX implementations.

Working with very big raw/dump files 16gb and > of mem can be pretty usefull if you do not want to watch progress bars all day.

so most bang for bucks i got a old 4790k/32g/ssd for a couple hundred bucks, old but still good enough, i have never been a fond laptop user but that is just personal preferences.

Bro, I dont kmow what you just said lol. I’m definitely not gonna be doing any of that stuff lol but thanks for the advice.

Trust me, the flipper is addictive AF, as soon as you get into the basics, the going in deep is lurking around the corner like a addiction :slight_smile: But , any would do, just be a bit aware of your budget and look for most bang for buck would be my advise, but you do not need new highend hardware to play around with your flipper form other platforms.

Lol yea I’m already down a rabbit hole I can’t climb out of. No stopping now.

But really if you are looking into getting laptops, other hardware, might aswel spent another 20 bucks for a realtek dongle so you can use the thing to monitor and decode next to your flipper. if you are going into playing the subghz realm of flipper, check rtl-sdr website, for 20 bucks you can run rtl433 tool to analyze the stuff you are recording or sending and get a lot more knowledge about modulation types and implementations fast. And then you find out there is a lot more going on, on the subghz range and how cool this gadget could be if you are bored enough.

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There’s your problem. You bought from a scalper.