Black spots on the screen

Hello everyone,

I bought the flipper zero 9 days ago and some black spots have appeared on the screen. I have noticed that every day it grows and gets bigger. Do I have a faulty screen?

Today is a little bigger

Hi! This is condensate. If you took your Flipper indoors after it being in the cold for a long time, this can happen. It will go away after a few weeks without quick temperature changes in the environment surrounding your Flipper.

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Thanks for the answer @Astra

Since I received it it has that problem and every day it is bigger. It is a newly purchased product, i think that when someone buys something new they have the right to have a device in perfect condition. In the description of the article it does not say anything that can come with water/condensate inside.

It has that problem from the first day I received it, and it is not my fault, in my house there are no sudden changes in temperature.

It’s been 12 days since I bought it and every day the screen is worse

Waiting for weeks to see if it disappears, it’s not the solution

Joom has told me to expose the problem here, and the order number: 7QYJ9QNL

Hm, if that is the case, then that’s very unusual. Please send an email to [email protected] for further investigation and the RMA.

Problem solved, the post can be closed.

Thanks for the support

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