Bluetooth LA-Z-BOY remote pairing?

I’ve got a LA-Z-BOY recliner with a wireless remote. Very little information on the remote is available. Would like to duplicate it’s controls. It needs to be paired with the chair, so I suppose it’s bluetooth.
What are the options? Please point me in some direction to at least get started.

Pairing procedure
Cheapest one I have found on Ebay is $169.95

I have no clue what frequency the remote has, they do not seem to be keen on specifications of replacement parts, as far as they exist, but if you have one around, try the frequency analyzer near one, could be anything, i do not see many specifications on the remotes.

Is there a spectrum analyzer in the 2.4Ghz range?

yeah wispy but i do not think you want to invest in one just to check the 2,4ghz range, if it is Bluetooth, WiFi or zigbee there should be cheaper/easier ways to find out instead. the Wi-Spy especially the 2nd gen with 5g and i guess current ones also have decent upperchannel support by now, are great for spectrum analyzing the band but you could accomplish close to equal details with wifi/bt cards or go into things like zigbee if it something like that. the wifi devboard does support some cool things on the band but i do not thing its ideal for capturing wide band / multichannel. but it depends on what you want to accomplish. i guess finding usefull documentation that just tells you what they use would be most easy, but not sure on how support is on giving you many details on those since they seem to ask so much for a friggn remote that should be 10 bucks.