Bluetooth Remote unable to Pair

Howdy everyone,

I’m having an issue getting the Bluetooth Remote to pair to anything. When I open the Bluetooth Remote app and try to pair it, nothing appears available to pair. I’ve tried on my phone, and several PCs. I have the flipper paired to my phone with the flipper app, but it disconnects whenever I open the remote app. I’m using the latest firmware (0.85.2).

Is anyone able to give me a hand?

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That is expected behavior. The Flipper can’t use the BT radio while an app is using the radio.

Admittedly I have been very frustrated with the Bluetooth apps but here are some tips.

First make sure Bluetooth is turned on in the Flipper and the other devices menu.

When I pair the Flipper the app appears as Name Control and the second BT connection isFlipper name. I had to “Forget” both in the Bluetooth menu of my phone before I could get mine working properly. Once you get it working that might not be an issue the next time.

Open the Bluetooth app you want to use before trying to pair the Flipper. Then click “add new device” in the Bluetooth menu. If it still doesn’t work it may be already paired to that device or to another device.

If it won’t pair make sure it isn’t paired to another nearby device. The best way to do that is to “Forget device” before switching devices or turn Bluetooth off on other nearby devices you previously paired the Flipper to.

If it still won’t pair try “forget device” under the Bluetooth menu then try pairing again.

For me it works smoothly now

So sorry about the late reply, thank you for yours! Just so I understand correctly, I need to have the flipper app installed on the device I want to use the remote on, correct?

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No, the Flipper app on mobile and the Bluetooth remote application on the Flipper are completely distinct and separate. They can’t be used at the same time. The remote app on the Flipper must be opened before you pair the device to the Flipper in order to use the remote function. Hopefully that is a bit more clear.

Excellent, thanks for your help! I forgot all devices on the flipper and opened the pairing menu on the device I wanted to connect and it came up with the “Control Name”
Thanks for your help!

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Glad it helped!