Bosch SmartKey

Does anyone have any information about Bosch SmartKeys? From that I can see these button based fobs use 125khz and I think they are essentially just added to a system using their 8 character ID.
Trying to read it leads to no results.

Try to READ RAW and post the files…

Hm, I thought this might be the reply but I’m a bit hesitant publicly posting this data in case it IS as simple as I fear

Okay, I got my hand on an definitely no longer important Smartkey. So I did some raw reading. This contains a scan without the key present (which is probably useless but I thought might help me with finding differences), a scan with the key present but it’s button not being pressed (which I THINK should not transmit anything but I’m not sure) and then a scan with the key next to the flipper AND the button being pressed. The key is identified by the 4 byte HEX id E246#### or E248####, I don’t have access to the full ID right now. (317.9 KB)