Broken screen. ¿rip?

A week ago, when I was taking my Flipper out of my backpack, I saw the broken screen. (It hurt a lot, I use it every day, I need it. I thought about buying another one, but it still works)
As the days have gone by, the black pixels in the crack have increased.
In the workshop where I repair my scooter, the owner is an electrical engineer, he has offered to do me a favor by changing my screen.
A friend gave me the spare link, it is NOT official.
Are there original spare parts?
At the moment, I have memorized the times I press the buttons to use what I need, or use the phone to see the screen.

photo in imgur


They hope to sell spare parts but not just yet. If you do find a replacement please let us know.

On a Discord server for people from Spain, a friend told me that this is an unofficial replacement that works perfectly. I asked my trusted workshop to do the work.

I already ordered it and in a month or two it will arrive.


Awesome! Keep us updated when you get it! I will make a note of this. I’m trying to collect a list of parts we can use until FZ gets an official parts replacement store.

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Hello, sorry for not having responded sooner.
I ordered the part through the link I left you previously, and at the electric scooter workshop where I always go, the owner is a friend. There I asked him to change my screen, since he is an electrical engineer. He changed it in a matter of minutes, in the process, inadvertently, a “leg” of some sensor came loose, but he soldered it back in place. Everything works perfectly!

Edit: I have photos of the process, if you need them, I can send them to you.


I would love to see photos! My guess is the “sensor” that came off was one for the ibutton contacts. It seems to be one of the more commonly damaged parts during dissasembly but it’s also fairly easy to fix.

In this case

was a bad decision, I think. It’s too late, though.

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