Bug in MIFARE Classic 1K emulation


I would like to report a bug that I have since the 0.94 firmware version : It’s not possible anymore to emulate Mifare Classic cards (copy of VIGIK systems). It was working fine in 0.93 (so i’m stuck in this version and can’t update) but not since the 0.94 firmware. I try to understand why and use a ACR122U reader.
With version > 0.93 :
If I I write the file emulated on an empty magic card, the card will work perfectly and I can read it on my ACR122U with all sectors and no errors.
If I try to emulate the same file with the flipper, the ACR122U can only read ATQA/UID/SAK but not the sectors, it said : “Error : tag disappeared”.
With 0.93 version : the ACR122U can read all the sectors of the writted card and all the sectors of the emulated one.

Perhaps it could be resolved in future releases as it was working in 0.93 ? And if VIGIK Mifare emulation is different from other emulation, perhaps have an option to select it ?

Thank you and don’t hesitate to ask me for more information.

It’s not a problem of emulating VIGIK but a bug that prevent the flipper to emulate the whole NFC card with version superiori or equal to 0.94.