BUG: Mismath badge counter with actual namber of the outdated apps

There is a mismatch between the Badge counter on the “Installed” tab in the Apps Hub and the actual number of outdated apps (like in the “Update ALL [X]” button).

  1. Open the app and wait till the sync is finished.
  2. Update the Flipper with the latest firmware and wait until the update process is done
  3. Go to the Apps hub and the “Installed” tab.

Result: in the “Installed” tab badge I see “4”, but on the button “Update All” I see “41”.

Issue ID: 342c1d7f59dc4ec6999af46d4ce2ade9

I can’t upload the screenshot. When I try to drag’n’drop file it tells me about a permission error.

Fixed. Thanks!