Buying a Flipper in the US. What is up with it selling out?

I should also mention, they have been doing weekly restocks for the US (although none this week for some reason). In addition, they recommend disabling any VPNs and such when purchasing on the website, as they have various measures in place to thwart scalpers (ie. having an IP address outside the US when browsing the US website, etc).

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True a good fraud system will detect a VPN because they aren’t “residential” IP addresses.

Yeah I’m all staked out for the restock on Monday. I have backups on backups incase something goes wrong!

Yeah I know my friend uses NordVPN and it told him he couldn’t get it shipped to his address so I will make sure mine is off. Thanks for the tip!

I placed an order today with ease, I heard they drop it every 1st & week 15th of the month.

Holy smoke! They are still in stock! I haven’t seen them last this long since last year!

Can FlipperZero works in Nigeria? Pls I will like to know,

I understand that they don’t ship down to Nigeria but someone can receive it and send it down to Nigeria but my question is that, Do FlipperZero works in Nigeria?

I see no reason why it wouldn’t work but it would probably be illegal to use the RF functions. It also might get seized by customs. Some software modifications might need to be made as well so it can do the frequencies you want. A keyboard layout may need to be created if your keyboard layout is not available in order to use BadUSB.

I was able to order without issue on the 17th restock in the US. Now I’m just waiting for them to ship out!

Same here, ordered on 4/17 and tracking says “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item”.

@equinox @simpleton They were slow getting my shipment out when I ordered but it eventually got here.

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So how many days in total did it take to get in your hands.?? I’ve been checking mines everyday so narrowing down from your shipment would ease my mind a bit lol

5 days before shipping and 13 before arrival. I heard some say it took way less time and others a little more.
EDIT: Hearing we are about to see a restock in the US tomorrow.

Late last night tracking updated to “Out For Delivery”. I

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I just ordered mine. Website is showing they are in stock. Live in the USA. And its 100% for me – not reselling. Glad to be part of this community and will check back in when it arrives. Now’s the part where I have to exercise patience. :slight_smile:

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Exercise your reading skills in the docs. That helps dull the feeling of waiting a little bit. Glad to have you aboard!

Last week was in stock

In stock right now!

I ordered mine on April 25 in late afternoon. Got email with USPS tracking number in morning April 28 that shipment has been prepared and will ship soon. That is a little less than 3 days which I think is quite good. Excited they are back in stock and the orders are getting processed.

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Ordered mine on the 17th. Got a tracking number on the 24th. Still hasn’t been brought to USPS for shipment yet. Hopefully next week!

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