Current Shipping Times


Does anybody know how long it takes to ship the flipper zero here in the United States once you got confirmation of the order?

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It may have changed a great deal since I got mine but with the slower option this was my experience. That’s back when they couldn’t keep up.

Most orders at fz shop or lab401 seem to be delivered to EU within a week, always got ordered stuff pretty fast. From blackfriday week till after most holidays it gets a bit slower cause everybody starts shipping stuff like crazy, so it could be a week extra but overall experience, the rest of the year stuff seems to be shipped out and delivered in days rather then weeks.

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What about the tracking from usps only saying label created
even after 10 days? Is this normal?

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I guess it depends on region? Like, all summer stuff moving trough panama channel was delayed cause low water, then in EU for example lot of delivery corps like DHL/UPS and others have a shortage of personal, so i would not be scared if it took 2 weeks, after 3 weeks i would get a bit more nervous about it.

Is it stuck at any border/transit point? If it is a big hub it could be waiting in the bin for checkup/röntgen scan. If you have any tracking updates it might be helpfull to see where it could be. If it is stuck between borders a couple of days are not that uncommon, it is getting closer to the shopping season?

USPS is only used for the last leg of the delivery. To decrease shipping prices the product will travel by private freight until it reaches a USPS location within your state. USPS probably hasn’t received it yet. As you see it took around 13 days for me to receive mine. It was probably day 10 or 11(can’t remember off the top of my head) before USPS received my Flipper. If I remember correctly I tracked my Flipper through a link provided by OSM which is the company that handles everything until they hand it off to USPS. Sadly their updates are pretty lousy but it did give me more information then USPS had.