Can Flipper Zero activate Lutron Caseta light switches?

I have some Lutron Caseta 120volt light switches that also function with a remote. On RAW read I get 433.919 mhz . Sending the captured signal does nothing. Well within range . I’ve tried scanning and the Flipper senses a signal on screen but captures nothing. Only on RAW do I get any info. All attempts fail and all attempts have no ill effect on switch or factory remote . I am able to capture other remote signals like IR . Also NFC and 125 kHz work just fine but can’t capture anything on sub ghz. FCC info doesn’t tell me if it uses rolling codes. How would I know? Any help appreciated. Thank you.

The made itself seems to have moved to lora/zigbee implementations for newer devices, but I guess their legacy stuff contains a lot of other subghz options.

If you do a binraw or raw read and you look at captures, are they total random or always the same/static keyed? If rolling code, convert them to cu8 or something like that and see if rtl433 can make sense of it.