Can flipperzero cheat slot machines in casi o?

does the flipper cheat slotmachines? hiw to use it on them

This is illegal. You should not ask for illegal activities in a public forum.

But the answer is: No.
‘A slot machine’ may or may have not ‘a vulnerability’. But the Flipper is not very good in psychic predictions. The user need to know what to do and the Flipper is the tool to get it done.

Would you ask if a screwdriver is able to get a picture on the wall?
How big is the picture, what is the wight? What kind of wall? Are there already useable holes or is it something like wood? And what have the screwdriver to do with all this? It is just a tool.
If the picture is bigger than the wall and you’ll find a way to fit anyway without break it, you have just hacked your room to get more place… Congratulation.

I always walk in with a flipper , so they see it and want me to leave it at the front desk, but what they do not know is that I am hiding a crowbar in my pants.

Works every time.