Can I make a new remote using the flipper zero

So I lost a remote for a fan and was wondering if there was way to make a new one without always needing my flipper zero to turn it on and off could I use it to make a remote I could just have laying around?

As we don’t know what remote you have laying around, the only answer will be:


Yes, you can clone your Flipper commands to another remote. But the other remote needs to be programmable (best RAW, but at least with the protocol the Flipper detected).
There are universal remotes that are preprogrammed and you set up the code table and there are ‘freely’ programmable. Just make sure it is around 38kHz.

And even if it is 38 kHz, without knowing your base remote frequency, if the Flipper commands working but the new cloned don’t, you maybe need to train it mote often or adjust the command in your Flipper.

This apply for IR. Haven’t seen the category Sub-GHz.

Okay thank you that helps me alot actually