Can i see my locker number in the Hex code

Hi guys
Im new with this whole flipper thing, cause a friend brought it to school today. Our idea is to be able to open our lockers with the filpper. Now we are wondering if you can see the number of the locker in the Hex code which Flipper shows you. Our Locker number is 4018 and the Hex code is 01 13 D3 E5 FE
I uploaded a picture of what the flipper shows.
As i have no experience with this topic, it would be very helpful if the answers are understandable for complete beginners.

Here is how to see. Remove the spaces.

Now use an online converter to make it decimal.


I don’t see anything. Now let’s do it the other way.

Convert to Hex.


I still don’t see a correlation.

Let’s reverse the pairs.
01 13 D3 E5 FE
FE E5 D3 13 01

Remove the spaces.

Make it decimal.

Still nothing! They might not be related or the numbers may be obfuscated.

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Bad idea to use that info to open someone else locker …

If you knew that locker x have x number and you could generate RFID card for it you could open locker …

Most likely they are using random RFID cards/fobs for each locker and without correlation to locker number…

Maybe read some other locker keys/fobs and see if the hex of them have same combinations only changing a part of the HEX ? Then brute force ? Also you will get intro trouble opening lockers without permission of the owner…