Can I set off a retail shop security gate alarm as a practical joke, the same as a shop security tag does?

They are on the frequency 58 KHZ AM and 8.2 MHZ RF

This is only for a practical joke, I want my friend to think the retail alarm is going off by a shoplifter when It is actually me

Even if I don’t think this is funny, and I am not allowed to say it is illegal here in the forum, technical I don’t see anything at ‘Tech specs’ on which is supporting your frequecies.

Then just order a roll of those sticker tags from china and just drop them in front of the store hoping people walk on them and have them on their shoes, by the time they find out they have prolly tested the gate 50 times.

I remember being younger going out in the weekends, where the bouncers kept tricking customers with those metal detector entrance ports. They just had a steel nose in their shoes , and they where just putting their shoes to the gate when people walked trough. Some even wanted to start undressing to proof they did not carry any weapons. It was a bit cheesy/childish but pretty funny.