Can I use Flipper to program a car key

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My wife has an older 2008 Mazda she lost her key to water before she met me, I’m wondering if I can somehow receive a signal from the car on the flipper or if anyone knows if it’s possible to induce a signal the car can receive from the flipper to obviously lock / unlock the car.


Your car keyfob uses 433/868/915 which is right. These keyfobs must be in sync with your car ECU. Inside the key there is another radio transceiver which will unlock the ECU for the car to be able to start the engine.
-Check your car user manual to know how to pair new keyfobs.
-Visit your local key maker to make a copy of the immobilizer transceiver.
-Read more on the internet before asking in the forums. ChatGPT could also have told you this same.

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Thanks for your prompt response.
I did forget to mention I don’t think it’s using an immobiliser as it starts with a spare key which has no remote.

All mazda from 2008 and before uses an inmobilizer. If you check carefully you key you will find id in a separate hole or inside the plastic.

Check your key model. to guess wich specific transponder is using.

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I can confirm - 2004 Mazda 3 has an immobilizer.

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I generally discourage people from messing with their cars. Be aware you can mess things up and you may need to call a locksmith. With that said I don’t believe that will happen and your vehicle may be one that it vulnerable to a replay. I’ll give you this to do with what you want. If you try and it works let us know. Once again I can’t actually recommend trying it unless you are prepared to call a locksmith.


So the car doesn’t actually have a key fob anymore. We use the plastic spare key which I do not believe could have an immobiliser chip in it as it’s just solid plastic.

So any issue of losing a current fob wouldn’t be a problem.
My question was if I could induce a signal the flipper could read from the car as I know when you read any key the flipper will receive it.

Thanks for all the tips guys

If you don’t have a fob there’s nothing to copy. I don’t know the process to pair a new remote to your vehicle but I’m confident there is no way to make the car send a signal the Flipper could replay for entry.

There is a chance someone could eventually create a process similar to “Add Manually” that we use for garage remotes but that has not happened yet to the best of my knowledge. That would take a lot of time and dedication to develop.

Talked to a locksmith that does cars. That should be a chip key. It might have been bypassed or maybe you just can’t see the chip. It’s not unusual for someone to glue a little ring to the ignition that has a chip in it when they install aftermarket alarms and remote start.

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For clarification about car keys and basing my answer on a Citroen C3 that i had to duplicate the fob …

Car keys in general have 3 components :

Key blade - that operates the cylinder and have to be duplicated by cutting a compatible blade with a machine or laser or whatever - this makes the cylinder rotate to open the doors and rotate the ignition switch

SubGhz Radio - Sends a rolling code for example on 433.92 Mhz to open and close the doors by radio like on a garage door, etc …

Hitag2 or similar chip - Inside the plastic key compartment that is read like a 125khz RFID when is close to the ignition switch and allows to unlock the injectors if the key/code/data is valid - works as protection - hitag2 is not clonable but have pages of data like for example a Mifare Classic or Coges key.

Now the issues … The radio on the remote to open and close the doors have to be “inserted” on the car central unit for it to operate. When it looses sync but it’s programmed on the car you can turn on ignition and keep pressed a close or open button for some secs for it to re-sync but it needs for the FIXED KEY PORTION OF THE FOB TO BE ALREADY PROGRAMMED on the car !!! And the way it’s programmed is coollll

Because now you have something like a SBB Pro and you want to inser a new remote on the car so how do you do it ? The remote FIXED KEY is encoded on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd page of the HITAG2 so what you insert is the HITAG2 by programming it on the car and NOT the remote !!!

So i buy a new key and cut the blade so it will rotate the cylinder but to unlock the injector i need the HITAG2 to be programmed and when i do programm the HITAG2 using the programmer (inser it on the car as a valid key) i’m also programming the serial of the remote assuming it’s a pre-encoded HITAG for that “blank” key.

To re-use a cytroen C3 remote for example i have to grab the fixed portion of the “key” the remote itself sends and then encode that on 1st 2nd a 3rd page of the HITAG and then insert the HITAG2 on the car by OOB programmer…

You can’t simply make the car accept a flipper made remote or whatever remote by programming that on a car like on a garage door … you have to know how to extract the fixed portion of the remore code and encode that on the HITAG because what you insert/programm on the car is the HITAG and with that you are programing the remote as well.

That’s how it “SHOULD” work. Sigh… Kia completely left out the immobilizers in the US market for at least a few model years.

something like that?

but you could also get a odb2/can bus and program it yourself those elm327 or something alike, those wireless/blue-tooth ones that are compatible with laptop and phone so you can do most things yourself are around pretty cheap, and if you look made specific you can find bundles including needed software if you do not want to plow the web all the time to get something compatible/working.

it could save a trip to the dealer and only a fraction of the price .

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I find a large number of the alternative methods don’t work. There are also caveats such as the pairing process may remove all stored keys. For those vehicles the memory is completely cleared and all remotes must be paired again. I think the best idea is often taking the vehicle to a qualified locksmith. Some keys can be also be cloned(usually not the fob). I spend a lot of time chatting with locksmiths. I often hear storied from them about an “idiot” locked all the fobs out. Some of them charge more for those because they have to drive to your house to do it. Some even charge an “idiot tax” but you won’t see that itemized on the bill. if instead you call a locksmith and meet them at their shop the price can be a bit better. Worst case is when a vehicle can only be programmed at the dealership. Those situation will cost you dealership prices and the cost of getting towed if you mess up. Dealerships don’t do house calls.

Do you research.
Don’t buy a kit from China.
Read the instructions.
Verify the year and model.

  • Make sure you have a locksmith that will cut a customer key. Many refuse to cut customer supplied keys.

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a moze jest cos z czym mozna go sparowac

I have to admit I often assume things obvious cause own experience , and history of breaking stuff ( and no i do not want to think on how much cash I lost on being stupid and breaking things. ) , that others who managed to find the forum also have some basic knowledge and experience on the subject before trying random proggers. But for older cars “pre 2009” pairing is mostly easy to accomplish as a DIY mechanic, but also I take in consideration that worst-case I will actually break it and need a new one. But I grew up around people doing lots of work on their own car’s and had some good connections with experienced people en mechanics. But except clearing some specific Mercedes or some weird french keys that are 500 bucks for a new one, most can be done for peanuts , and just a boredom to understand? Yes you might need a friend who has a friend at least if you need specific software for newer types if you do not want to register as a licensed manufacture licensed service-point :smiley: But with a cheap vcds/odb2 set with canbus support etc and flash options ,if plowing trough documentation for a week is not the problem, you could do it yourself in many cases just cars that are still somewhat in warranty ish could be harder to find online, then again, some people might be amazed on what they can order on asian marketplaces for only a fraction then a dealer would ask for a single time to get work done and you get to keep the tools , so it seems win-win to me? . :smiley:

So if it is important to your daily traveling , and you cannot just break your car and leave it a couple of days extra to fix it, get it done and forget about it. If you want to go down the rabbit hole and see what you can do without the help of the dealership? It’s a pretty addictive hobby, so it depends on what you want to accomplish and how much time you want to waste on it :smiley:

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