Can I use sub-GHz to learn more about my mobile device and cellular networks?

I would like to develop a simple app that sniffs connection data sent by my phone to cellular transceivers, so I can learn more about this kind of networks. I don’t intend to send anything, just receive. I wonder if Flipper Zero’s antenna is enough to do this (even if only at a short distance) and where I would need to begin in order to code such an application (e.g., whether I would need to modify the radio firmware or just use the available APIs). I don’t know a lot about networks in general and this could be an interesting project. Thanks.

Without analyzing in detail, I would say the CC1101 is not capable of that. Even if, this will be the hardest part to get working, because the Flipper is not a SDR.
You want to analyze a signal the Flipper is not aware of. And I doubt the processing will be fast enough for GSM decoding.

Without any experience may a cheap RTL-SDR is more what you are looking for. Just be clear about the needed frequency range before, and decide what antenna is best, if you need a HAM-Up/Down or if a HackRF One is the best choice.

Definitely not an Up, GSM is 900 MHz and up IIRC. Maybe a Down, modern protocols can use some GHz’s and RTL-SDR can’t reach 2.

Interesting, thank you. Making a custom SDR module sounds like an even greater way to learn about wireless technology!