Can someone tell me how to play something on store radio?

i really dont know how.

You can’t. The Flipper is not a SDR (Software Defined Radio). You can’t send wave information.

Maybe you can control it via SubGHz or IR, depending on the device. But I doubt you are owning the store radio, so it would be not legal to manipulate it.

prolly not the most effective but if it support playing over am/fm on those sub ghz ranges, you could potentially play a raw track and listen to it over am/fm on another device, but i doubt this is what he is trying to accomplish. or he is talking about some alternative radio-shack store? you never know with these unspecified random requests :smiley:

I doubt the CC1101 is wide banded enough to do that. FM radio is pretty wide. The Flipper probably isn’t powerful enough either. I have heard of messing with network music device if you can get on the network but that can be a crime.

You have to specify what store and where to get much help. What you’re wanting to do isn’t possible with the Flipper. The stores either use some sort of networked box and wired connection or they’re just playing FM radio. You could, in theory, use an FM transmitter on those stores if you had one powerful enough to override the broadcast.

Here the local supermarkets/big corp stores have some deal with 3rd party that just runs a generic online stream as their radio, and they can run some ads and other stuff if the stores want to, but it is all cabled digital direct stream to static wired semi-industrial speaker-system, so i think a reasonable amount is not even using actual music over the air? Maybe some smaller businesses that have a airplay or something around?

You need a HackRF for what you’re talking about. But if you’re caught, a set of handcuffs you will get. Oh, and the loss of your HackRF.

You probably don’t need anything as complex as a HacRF. It’s more likely internal paging is handled by a telephone using a wired phone or a wireless cordless phone using DECT which is usually encrypted. The ones the Flipper can activate are preprogrammed message activated by a wireless button. Of the remaining devices activated by radio a consumer handheld starting at around $25 would likely be enough.

Either tell them the truth or nothing at all.

You Need a HackRF.

If you Do Naughty stuff, You will be Arrested, and said HackRF will be a huge loss. Hense I have 5 of them. As well as 10 Flippers. Always ask yourself:" Is the prank worth the price of freedom?"

It’s not that easy, They use an encrypted stream over VOIP. At Termination, they then use a low broadcast FW transmitter

Why did I stop, you say? I am not looking for you sinister ones that want to actually see if it works. Trust me, it does! I did that so long ago and so many times, lol Though, what I used is not the HackRF : ) . The ones that know what I am talking about, have a smile on their face. It’s not fun in this time. Back then when we fooled around it was only harmless fun. Today, people only want to destroy, OG’s like me frown on that. No OG will ever help you, either. Peace out.

Transmitting on licensed frequency trying to overpower a regular radio-station sounds like a bad idea, not just losing a ton of hardware and antennas , some time in jail to rethink your actions could be a result of it, so I would not try to go that way :smiley: If you are outputting a ton of traffic with a boatload of power they will be knocking at your door pretty fast. If you wanna run aprils fools in a store, a analog player with a jackplug and try to get it hooked to the system would prolly be more easy and less risky, and if you pay a kid working around for lunch chances are there he will assist you with it.

But 10 flippers and 5 sdr’s? And i guess a laptop with that? isn’t that annoying walking trough the store with such heavy pockets, and don’t people look at you weird with a ton of antenna’s around trying to look casual? Maybe if you wear a overall suit from the local cable company you can make it work? If you tell them you are there for maintenance and updating the player they might just bring you to it and save you a ton of effort.

The inverse-square works for you there. If you are close to the receiver, it is relatively easy to overpower everything without creating effects detectable from the outside. That’s the trick DCF77 transmitter does.

Still, only a couple of watt’s could go a lot further and cause a lot more issues then you might expect in some area’s, if you are in good line of a radio station, and reception is optimal it could take some decent power to overtake it , otherwise you will cause mostly noise and stream-drops before overtaking it? If you are in a area with limited reception, that might be less of a problem with very low power but local stations but if you actually try to go insane style 50-100w and up i think the van’s with antenna’s to triangulate your location will be out driving within a short amount of time…

Then again, pirate radio stations have been a cultural thingy here for decades, but they did not try to take over local big stations on strictly licensed wide area frequencies :smiley: going on common station frequency still sounds like a nogo.

Here’s the truth. You think there is only one way to do things. You think there is only one type of system. You think it’s up to date because you have never worked with one. You have never worked in industry where there are patch cycles and budget items. You bought a hammer and everything looks like a nail. You aren’t creative. The Target® store PA system was hacked via PSTN.

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