Can’t update flipper zero

My flipper stucks on 24% when i updating trough mobile app. Or says “Connection error” on 24%

help me pls

  1. The SD Card is broken.

Try to reformat or replace it.

  1. Power issue.

Try another USB cable, USB port or active USB Hub.

how new card can be broken

what SDcard format should I use?

You know there is a documentation for the Flipper?
See: MicroSD card setup - Flipper Zero - Documentation

Broken in general maybe is a little hard. Broken by design would be more precise.
As nearly all SD Cards on the market speaks SDIO, not every card is speaking SPI. The Flipper speaks SPI, your mobile phone or digital camera is speaking SDIO.

And now you are asking me with one sentence posts why any unknown vendor may or may not implement partly or wrong SPI in their product, which fulfill the need of 99% of the users.
My answer is: I really don’t care.

Try another card or not. Just saw your question and based on my one year reading in this forum I replied with the 2 most common issues. I don’t see why I need to justify.