Can we plug an antenna type ALFA on the ФЛИППЕР (FlipperOne)?

I want push my “one” on pentesting and for that maybe i’m able to plug an antenna on it via a min usb > miniusb wire ? It is possible ? Sorry if i m in late :stuck_out_tongue: Peace

I think you probably mean Flipper Zero and the answer is no. It can’t use a USB WiFi adapter.

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He can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I almost got scared by missing out the new version, I am already dreaming about potential features I would like with it :smiley: Is it to early to ask for chatgpt implementations to execute tasks for being annoying without actually putting the effort? Or is it still to early for that and is that gonna be the FZ9 with sfp+ uplink, Ethernet port , and high performance multi-core cpu with insane amounts of memory to run entire security distro’s on the same formfactor? Or should i limit my sugar intake?