Can you turn off cameras with the flipper

Is there any way to turn off or freeze cameras?

Only if its controlled by rf or infrared. But in general I don’t think so

What if I could be at the source of the cameras, all I need is the remote option to turn them off as I please, or would it be one camera at a time?

Please define ‘camera’.

For my fathers old Sony photo camera there is a mini IR remote. Just emulate ‘hot the button’ until the photo roll is empty (pre digital photos).

Newer Canon EOS works with Bluetooth, so it can be triggered from a mobile phone or SmartWatch. The flipper is out of range, here.

My CCTV at my house is streaming to my NAS, there is a motion detector and movements will be stored at the HDD. No other outside trigger, not even a cloud connect.
Of course you could blind it with a powerful IR. But again, that is not possible with the flipper.

So what do you have in mind?

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Camera as in like home security my family have set up some rather annoying cameras

Short answer: Almost certainly not.

Long answer: Almost all security cameras will use IP-based control channels, rather than the IR or “SubGhz” transmissions of which a Flipper is capable. This is because security cameras do not tend to be autonomous devices. That is, they tend to be connected to power and / or some kind of video storage system. For modern cameras, usually the best and easiest way to do this is with Ethernet (w/ PoE); however, for cheap, residential-oriented systems, a power adapter and WiFi connection is another approach. (True, some cameras may offer local storage, such as an SD slot, and support batteries, but both of these are quite cumbersome on a day-to-day basis, and accordingly are fail-safes, rather than primaries.)

Should you encounter cameras that have a “SubGhz” or IR remote, you could likely store and retransmit the commands you wanted on a Flipper, but security cameras with such remotes are vanishingly rare—not least because they would not be very secure!

Interesting request/reply from Kidiuwu … something is terrible wrong with this post.

First if you are an adult you should know how to stop/delete the camera recording on your own home.

If you are a kid and you feel that your life is being intruded/exploited to some extent by the annoying cameras that you talk about you should report the sittuation to relevant authority on your country or someone you can trust like a teacher on your school. If you are suffering from some sort of xploitation by those cameras and you can’t persuade your parents to stop “spying” on you depending the intention of the cameras you might be able to get some sort of protection/action from relevant party on your country or even interpol if for example the intent of the cameras is to film you naked, etc … So i advice you to talk about that if that is the case.

But i honestly think that the intent of shutting down the cameras might be something like using flipper to stop 3rd party cameras (of other people) to do illegal stuff … if that is the case i hope that you will end up in trouble because you deserve it.

Also i do have several contacts on Interpol and do some work at govermental level so if you want to talk in private about your issues fell free to PM me. Again if the issue is to cause some sort of problem to another person - owners of the cameras just forget it and don’t even bother to mention this again.


I’m trying to sneak out of my house :neutral_face:

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A time-honored tradition…

Ohhhh … There are several methods then !!!

You are very lucky that your parents are very carefull with the house security/keep you at home but yet they did buy you a very bad flipper that can even hack Tesla cars !!! Now you have your oportunity to sneak out !!!

Method 1 - Figure out how the parents access and manage the cameras ! If a PC is used you are good to go ! You might need to buy some hidden cameras to snoop on your parents but as you already managed to get the fillepr getting some spy cammeras shouldn’t be an issue. Once you figure out how your parents access the cameras and turn them off just WRITE a flipper BAD USEB file that access the camera system by the same computer on the same way. DONE ! When you want to sneak out just plugg flipper on the computer that your parents are using to manage the cameras and run your BAD USB script. It will shut down the cameras.

Method 2 - Requires one flipper per camera - Simply place a flipper with the dolphin facing the lens of the house camera in a way that the camera will just film your dolphin / flipper and will be covered in a way that nothing else can be recorded. DONE.

Method 3 - DESTRUCTIVE - PLEASE DON’T DO THIS AND READ AT YOUR OWN RISK : - SECRET METHOD - Hit the camera hard with the flipper in order to damage/break the camera for good . - WARNING - You might damage your flipper doing this. If you have sucess with this method the camera will be permanently damage and it will not film/record anything at all. DONE.~~~

With some immagination flipper can help you out with everything ! Good luck !


Unplug the router and your done :white_check_mark: or plug it into a Bluetooth plug adapter and then turn it back on when your around the corner (if you have the range)

As a challenge, write a flipper script that turns it back on in 5 min and off again at a specified time


Well if you add a Wi-Fi board and the cameras are IP cameras you can attempt a deauth attack to keep them offline

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Deauth or Jamming works on Wyze Cams…