Cannot read tags

It says 1/2 Ask and 2/2 PSK,
I tested to read many many times but it doesn’t work.

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What you see on your screen is the type of modulation being tried. The Flipper repeats the process switching between ASK(Amplitude Shift Keying) and FSK(Frequency Shift Keying) until a tag responds. It’s possible the tag is damaged, the tag uses a different frequency, or the tag is not supported. I recommend you try NFC to read the tag since standard RFID tags and NFC tags are frequently confused. If that doesn’t work we will need more information about the tag. A picture of the tag often helps in identification.

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hello from Holland, can anyone tell me how to read a HID tag? on the back is a code with in the corner written 2k.
many thanks in front

hi JMR, the photo is attached

If I am right and it is a HID iClass 2k, in general you should be able to read it with the PicoPass App from Flipper.
But the SE on the sticker indicates that has a ‘Secure Element’, some kind of encryption insite the tag. So, you won’t be able to clone/emulate it.

PicoPass should be found under ‘Applications - NFC’ or similar. See source:

I am in middle of a project, have a customized firmware without applications installed at the moment.