Cannot write card

I have 125kHz tags and cards. I cannot write then using Flipper zero.
I am sure that those tags and cards are writable, because I have my RFID reader/writer bought on Ali Express:

And with this device I can write on the tags and cards.
on Flipper those cards are recognised as EM4100.
is the writer really working ? I received Flipper Zero few weeks ago and I upgrade it to the last firmware.
Many thanks for your support

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that handheld writer sets a password on the chips. that’s why they’re not able to be written via FZ, they’re password protected and no you can’t remove it yet

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You seem to be a trove of information. I wonder if the password can be dumped from the writer.

EDIT: I hear Flipper can’t do a format yet but does a format of the card require a password?

the format it can’t write to yet is the em4305 and it’s variants. different command ballpark

yeah the password is already known it’s AA55BBBB

the serial CLI/ web CLI should be able to remove the password though ive not confirmed that still exists. if not i can help you work something out

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I’m picking up a bit about RFID by reading the forum and asking occasional questions. I don’t have that writer. I’ve been collecting test devices. I have a ProxCard II clamshell coming in a few days. I’m new to the RFID/NFC world. I read every new topic on the forum. I try to help where possible. That has me Googling and learning.

I think, yet not surely, that some unofficial firmwares do have that ability. I’m more and more tempted to try them out even not for illegal features - just for nice things not being picked up.