Canon remote control for EOS

Hi folks!
I have old EOS550D and I want use flipper as remote control by IR.
I found that:

Pronto Hex
Take a photo: 0000 007d 0001 0001 000f 00f2 000f 0cdb
Take a photo with delay: 0000 007f 0001 0001 000f 00b0 000f 0cbe

IConverter convert it:

  "frequency": 33000,
  "irCode": "15,3291",
  "preamble": "15,242",
  "repeat": 1

What should I write in *.ir file?

type: raw
frequency: 33000
duty_cycle: ????
data: ???

Thanks =)

The EOS is somewhat wide spread. So it is possible anyone already did this.

I would start with Flipper-IRDB/Cameras/Canon at main · logickworkshop/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub

Here are some .ir files. Just test if it will take a shot. Compare this with your first line and try to convert your second line for the delayed shot in the same way.

Don’t forget to contribute your .IR file after it works.


Thanks for link! And, for forum-history:
There are some *.ir files for Canon but they are not working for me.
I’d load sequences from my first post in IrScrutinizer and compire with sequences from ir-files and they are the same in time-plot, and have only one difference - in frequency (33000 vs 38000). I found another sequences and results was the same. Canon use very simple protocol based on the delay between two signals ( :: Canon RC-1 remote control reverse engineered).

So, in general… looks like problem with my camera =)

If you have an IR-capable phone, try this app - first on camera to see whether it works, second on Flipper to record the signals.

I thinked about it before fipper have been deliverd, but nobody around me have smartphone with IR =(

Turned out that I can borrow one - here are experimental captures.

@UberGuidoZ as maintainer of IrDB: what do you think of including this and other similar captures I did into it? They are messy and untested (at least by me, and the more I think the less I convinced they will work), but some appear to be unique.
For record: apps are apparently

  • com.yacy.dslrirremote 1.04, SHA256 2834005C591E50A1E7809B63DBDE31BF5EB4D21E751DF5BD157B3D0B968962E7
  • com.pir.remote.control 1.15, SHA256 3096B8EAE85E5C1F760375780FEB96FDF48A83AD9564A4CBB59BD21A6B5717C3 (518 Bytes) (1.7 KB)

I’m all for including it! If people find it doesn’t work, it’s fairly easy to remove. And right now, there is nothing… so no harm no foul. If you haven’t opened a PR already, please do so.

We do have a spot for cameras here: Flipper-IRDB/Cameras at main · UberGuidoZ/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub

Thank you.

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Not ATM. My plan for now is to add more structure, zip them up and post there.

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First batch: files already on forum, but can’t find them in IrDB.

(not yet complete)
And I remember there were some captures in a repo called filpper-toolbox - can’t currently figure out which one.

More from me coming soon.

Thanks for the hoarding! Nice to have a single reference.

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Second batch: captures from Android apps that I managed to quickly find. Annotated, slightly cleaned up, but unsorted - it turned out to be pretty hard. RAR archive, renamed due to forum.
up2.rar.bin (62.1 KB)