Can't access Lock, Archive, or Favorite App menu - outdated docs or broken Flipper?

I just got my Flipper today and updated the firmware. Pressing the left or up button when Flipper is in desktop does not bring up any menus (Favorite App or Lock menu) like the doc says it should. Pressing the down button doesn’t bring up an Archive menu, but instead brings up a Device Info message. Clicking the right arrow does bring up the Passport screen as the docs say it should.

Are the docs out-of-date, or is this a known bug, or is there something wrong with my Flipper hardware?

Maybe something is broken with your flipper ? I’m on the latest version of non-official firmware and did NEVER had this issue at all, so i guess the problem shouldn’t be firmware related …

Looks like you are always doing long presses of buttons. If it is real, then stop - most of the time Flipper wants shorts. Otherwise, you have a problem with buttons.