Cant Emulate an NFC fob effectively

So my apartment changed its locks and I am able to read the data off the NFC fob they gave me but I can’t seem to emulate them well enough to open doors. This is an issue for me as before the locks were RFID based and now they are NFC, I would like to be able to use my XMagic dangerous things implant to get into my apt. Any advice?

The fob looks like this:

First of all, JUST DO IT™. Flipper’s emulation has some problems that magic tags don’t.
If XMagic won’t work either, there will be something to debug.

I would but it says that their are no records on NFC Tools and the flipper says that the file type is not supported for writing onto the Xmagic… idk what to do!

Oh boy, this gets a lot more complicated than I thought it would… every time I read the nfc fob the UID changes! What could this mean?

This means your fob have a Random UID feature, which means it’s not entry-level NFC (like simple MF ultralight or MF Classic) and you are out of luck.
Does flipper say something like “Unknown ISO14443 tag”? Or does it shows it’s name?