Can't open my garage door

Hi all, I can record the signal but I cannot send it. I can detect the frequency and see the signal variations, but once I launch the emulation, nothing happens. I hold the button on the remote for 10 seconds while recording. The remote control is a Somfy Keytis NS 2 RTS, it works on a frequency of 433.4 mhz. Also, I had to install a firmware allowing me to unlock the regions. I tried to show you some pictures but this error message appears : “Permission denied @ rb_sysopen -”.
Can you help me please?

Very often when you can’t emulate a garage door it’s rolling code. If you want to link a picture from somewhere else you could do that. You may be able to “add manually” your Flipper as a remote.

Hi jmr, i don’t want to use pairing mode each time. is it possible to bypass rolling code?

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You only use paring mode once and the Flipper can act as a remote for your garage forever.

I tried your method. I went to see how to activate the pairing of my Somfy Elixo 800 receiver. Then I consulted on your link the way to pair Flipper to the receiver. I tried paired with all protocols available on Flipper but none worked. Please help!

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If the protocol isn’t supported I can’t help you. I don’t have access to that brand of opener and it may be above my current skill level if I did. Perhaps someone else might be able to step in.

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