Can't pair Security+ 2.0 to Chamberlain 045ACT

I’ll start off by saying that I just got this, so I don’t know the ins and outs yet.

I got this device primarily so that I can consolidate a lot of my RFID and such into a single device. I wanted to add my garage door too since carrying a separate opener when I ride my bike is annoying.

I have a Chamberlain 045ACT. When I try to scan the remote, the flipper tells me it’s a Security+ 2.0 and shows a little lock symbol. It was 310MHz.

So I go to manually add Security+ 2.0 and pair my flipper to my door and the pairing process works exactly as the documentation says. Hold the LEARN button, press the remote button until I see the light flash. All of that happens.

BUT, after that pairing process, my flipper does not open the door. I can see the LED in the back of the opener flashing when I press the button, which to me says that it sees the signal but isn’t processing it? I couldn’t find documentation on that behavior so thought I’d ask here.