Can't Read Hartmann PSK3 40Bit Key Fobs


I am new to Flipper Zero and I was able to Read my Work Pass Card but not my Building Key Pass/Fob. It’s made by Hartmann and is a 40bit Key Fob that uses PSK3.

I was able to capture RAW Signal and will attach it for review. Please help me by adding this Fob to future Flipper Firmware asap!!

RfidRecord-ask.txt (102.2 KB)
RfidRecord-psk.txt (98.2 KB)

Numbers_on_Back_of_Key_Fob.txt (75 Bytes)

R202209171609.sub (119 Bytes)

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Same issue here stil haven’t found a way

Key Fobs are one thing but my work pass? My flipper reads my work pass no problem but when I go to emulate it, it doesn’t work. I think I read on a forum that one guy was experiencing the same issue and he somehow said he used the “Add Manually” option and edited the values he got from reading the card.

Have you had any success with work badges?

Hi I use the same key fobs at work and was hoping to have a backup on the flipper have you had any luck since getting the flipper to read the Hartmann fobs