Can't read HID iclass 2k

idk why, but i can’t read this kind of badges :
ref : HID iclass 2k

site : HID® iCLASS® 205x iCLASS Key II | HID Global

datasheet :

do you have an idea why ?
according to datasheet it is 13.56 khz rfid badges

use the picopass reader in applications → tools

yes, i just see that in a other topic, we should use picopass to read it, but we can’t emulate it ;(
have you a solution to emulate it ? with an empty card or anything else ?

im in the same place. cannot emulate or write it because i dont know where to buy these HID cards

Picopass says unable

does it say anything more than “unable”.

Yes, it says CSN:
Read Failed
SE enabled

Hello all, has anyone been able find a solution for this?
I’m looking to read/write the following fob:
HID iCLASS SE 325x Key Fob II

Thanks in advance.