Can't read RFID tags, NFC works flawless

Hi Flipper team,

I recently received my Flipper Zero, but I can’t seem to be able to read any of the key fobs I’ve got. I tried with 3 different ones:

  • Deister Electronics TPX 205 (Which is definitely a 125 kHz model)
  • HID Prox
  • Unbranded one, similar to MiFare Classic EV1

I’ve recorded a video as requested in some other topics, this can be found here

And, as mentioned in this topic I’ve carefully disassembled the back to reseat the back.

Afterwards the RFID still isn’t working, but any NFC card is.

This should mean that the antenna should be connected properly right?
However, how can I read the various key fobs? And/or ensure that the NFC is functioning correctly? I’ve read somewhere I should try and write to a blank RFID card and read it back, but I don’t have that on hand. Is there another way that should be able to verify it’s functionality?

I am on the latest firmware, however on the firmware I’ve received the device with it also isn’t working.

Thanks in advance!


TPX 205 is definitely not supported at the moment, and the HID fob might be an unsupported one. There are multiple HID types, and right now we only support some of them, but we’re working in adding more right now.

So, your best option to validate if RFID works is to get a T5577 card (they’re really cheap usually) and trying to write/read.

And in case of NFC - if your flipper detects the card, it means that everything is working properly.

I think I have exactly the same issue.
I’m following with interest.
My works security pass is the only RFID tag I can “check”, because it still lets me through the doors at work! I don’t have another RFID reader I can try.

Same issue here, I have multiple tags that do not register / cannot be read.
Any way I am able to add them myself ?
RAW read would be nice.
I am now doubting the RFID section of my flipper isn’t functioning properly

You can add them yourself by editing the firmware, but that requires quite a lot of existing RFID knowledge

You can validate that the RFID is working by looking at the RGB LED while reading, if it’s changing its color when a tag is present then it’s just an unknown protocol.

Checked 2 tags 1 is unknown but operating at 125 - 134,2 kHz no change in color. ( this is a C Trace chip found in my garbage container I hoped to be able to identify / hack into with my Flipper these are either Trovan / MT01 /MT02 or MT03 chips according to the documentation I found).

Other one is fully unknown no recognition at all in any form not on the 125 kHz RFID nor the NFC option.

A RFID scan to Identification option would be great.
No I am still in doubt if the 125kHz RFID even works

Identifying the RFID tag requires reading it, you can’t identify something that you can’t read.

Can you send a video of your device trying to read the tag?

video me showing how I want to hack my garbage container … mmmm
Do you have any idea where I can find an anonymous service to do this ?

No idea

The main thing I’m worried about is if you’re using the wrong side of the flipper to read (happens more frequently than you’d expect, people like to try reading stuff with the IR port for some reason), or moving it around and not giving the antenna time to settle on the signal.

Here’s a video, same goes for RFID but you’ll need to hold it still for a bit more time (1-3 seconds)

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Hahaha fair enouhg, for once I did read the manual / watch the video’s and I do use the bottom side to read the tags.
Mifare tags are being read perfectly via the same procedure. So for now I have no ideal either the tags are unsupported / my flipper zero is functional at 125kHz (kinda like Schrödinger’s cat).

Is there any update on support for he TPX205?

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Not yet

Looks like I have the same issue, I have a variety of tags including HID Prox and Indala, and none of them produce a read… NFC works just fine.

Please wait, we’re almost finished reworking our RFID subsystem to allow it to work much more reliably and read more cards. Coming in the next few weeks.

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Same problem with reading TPX 205. It looks like you can read something raw but I can’t find the data I’ve saved and no clue if that is useful if the card isn’t recognized.

Do you have some estimation when the TPX 205 card can be read?

Hello, I’ve got myself Deister Electronics TPD 113 card, and willing to share raw dumps with community if it helps. Also stumbled on this site, looks like it has some useful information on proxEntry system for these type of cards, which is pretty old and discontinued by Deister Electronics. (27.7 KB)

I looked at your website and that of Deister and did a Google search but can’t find any document on the TPX 205.

I’m trying out different things to decode these Deister Electronics tags. Not sure if we have the same, but any chance your card has the number 216 or 16600 printed on it?
I decoded your raw dump to hex 0xFFA000432804203500000000000AF6E8 or in binary: