Can't run the rules install command on Linux

Just got my flipper and trying to update on Linux.

Rebooting into OS update mode always fails at the last step of writing the correct option bits.

So I try the suggested step on the app of running the appiimage with rules install…

But my Linux just spits back “command not found”.


What command did it not find?

“Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage rules install”

Can you provide the full terminal input and output?

Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage rules install
Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage: command not found

You need to add the ./ in the beginning of the command. So, the full command should be ./Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage rules install

./Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage rules install
zsh: permission denied: ./Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage

sudo ./Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage rules install
sudo: ./: command not found

sudo chmod +x Flipper-x86_64-1.1.0.Appimage

Your file is not marked as exeutable, this command adds this mark.

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Fixed with the following:

In the “permissions” tab for the file:

Changed group “user” to Access: Read and Write

Changed group “others” to Access: Read and Write

Executed command. File was already marked executable with checkbox : “Program: Allow this file to run as a program”.

Issue resolved.

Thx. This fixed my issue