Can't update my Flipper

I did a little more digging and now I wonder what SD card reader did they use

I don’t know if SPI is something you would technically call “an SD card reader”. I believe SPI might just be a function of the underlying board.

SPI mode is a secondary mode of communication for SD cards - they power up in an “SD Bus protocol mode.” Cards only switch to SPI when the Chip Select line is driven low and CMD0 is sent. In SPI mode CRCs are ignored by default, but in SD Bus mode, which we are coming from at startup, they are required.

I wonder if you could read an SD card from the GPIO SPI pins.

My problem has solved. After I used a brush to clean the slot,the flipper didn’t show the message. Thank goodness.


I wonder if the problem was dirt, corrosion, or loose pins? I would avoid removing and inserting the SD more then necessary to be on the safe side. Glad you got it working!

Unfortunately,my flipper can’t read sdcard again. It happened suddently without any sigh. I do the same thing which I did last time to try to repair it .But it doesn’t work.