Capturing data for unknown remote

I am looking at the guidance here on how to submit data for unrecognized remotes. Step 5 under “How to report my unsupported keyfob remote” says “If Flipper Zero supports your freqency in default configuration, and your signal is ASK (OOK, AM) modulation, please capture the RAW signa on Flipper.” Without knowing anything about the remote (other than that it must be paired with the equipment), is there any way I can determine what the signal modulation is?

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You could give us some information on the remote and that information might be possible to look up. Alternately you just try each one till you find it or use an SDR to identify it.

It is a “boat lift boss.” There is no FCC info shown on the remote. I would upload an image but the forum is not allowing me to upload.

Is there any SDR guide or howto and hardware that you recommend? I’d like to learn more.

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Any SDR dongle will work fine for analyzing most subghz signals. The really useful adapter you want though is a 6 inch USB extension. It doesn’t have to be exactly 6 inch but that’s a good minimum length. It keeps the SDR dongle from being in the way on the USB port and it can cut down on USB noise that you typically get from USB3 ports. Watch these videos then if you need something come back and ask.

Beginners Guide

RTL433(The name is misleading because it does way more then 433)

EDIT: I forgot to address the problem with images. Use a service like imgur and link it.

Thanks, I picked up a Nooelec and ready to play. Any recommendations for SDR software that runs on a Mac? I can do linux in a VM, but native Mac is preferred.

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Sorry no idea about a Mac.

I bought an RTL-SDR and have been using Universal Radio Hacker software to try to analyze the signal, but don’t think I have made much progress. The signal looks complex compared to the youtube examples:

This is the signal generated when I press and hold the “up” button on the remote. I know for a fact that the remote needs to be paired to the boat lift, so I suppose there must be some sort of authentication in the signal, but I’m not sure how to see that in the URH app. Any advice?

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